Charlie Weathers:  Sly Songwriter and Blues Butcher with Eyes in the Sky and Heels in the Dirt...

Guitarist/Songwriter/Pilot Charlie Weathers travels the globe keeping his head in the clouds with ethereal soundscapes and feet on the ground with alt-blues in the rough; weaving a musical patchwork of travel, love and retribution. With inspiration from a myriad of musical legends and wordsmiths, his whole hearted melodies and unorthodox stories intoxicate fans of any spectrum of Americana.

Charlie’s first solo album, MAYDAY, was recently recorded at Pebble Music Berlin and brings a unique and heavy sound to the deck, luring attention over 12 tracks of genuine craft.

Growing up in St. Louis, Charlie sneaked into riverfront blues bars, camped out for big arena shows and sank his roots into the universe of music. It was first love when Charlie picked up the guitar and woke the player inside himself. Moving to Tulsa exposed him to the traditional side of country, the expanse of 90’s jam bands and the road trips to follow. Charlie has lived the last 15 years out of a bag as a professional pilot, feeding his wanderlust, playing to international audiences and expanding his ever growing collection of guitars and curiosities.

Recently, Charlie has maintained orbit between Berlin and Moscow; both vibrant, eclectic and aggressive eastern block capitals. He currently leads his power trio, smokey acoustic duo Bare Trees and Russian string band Silver Plume, in addition to playing solo shows. Meanwhile, back home in the USA, Charlie has played a variety of venues from the famed Bitter End in Greenwich Village, New York to the main stage of the 20th annual Telluride Blues & Brews Festival.

Charlie looks forward to playing mini-tours in Germany, Italy, Ireland and the USA in the coming year. MAYDAY and Charlie’s first EP “Salvage” with Boot Heel, released on Berlin label Cannery Row Records, is available on CD Baby and Bandcamp.

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